What is QMeUp?

A queue management solution developed to improve the queuing experience in the healthcare industry. Its main goal is to help facilities and patients organize queues online.

What is QMeUp
How QMeUp can help

Here’s how QMeUp can help

QMeUp aims to enhance the general efficiency of facilities by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, increasing patient satisfaction, and improving customer flow.

Reduce your facility costs

You won’t have to spend a large amount of money on hardware, servers, licenses, and website maintenance.

Reduce your facility cost

Enhance Customer Experience

QMeUp comes with a mobile application intended to deliver the best customer experience to patients. It eliminates the physical line in waiting areas and reduces waiting time. With QMeUp, you are helping your customers experience a seamless medical journey.

enhance customer experience

Monitor, manage, and optimize patient queuing and more

Provide the best patient care experience with a queue management system, a patient ID system, a cloud storage for medical files, a patient kiosk, and a public view. All these features integrated in one software solution.

Monitor, manage, and optimize patient queuing and more

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